Report Scribe

Report Scribe is new kind of Report Creation Tool which leverages existing technologies and skill sets to provide Rapid Report Development, without having to learn a lot of new terminologies or program structures. ReportScribe combines the powers of flexibility from Javascript, the great Chart Generation and drill-down capabilities from FusionCharts, and wraps them in a framework that allows you to also leverage your team's (or ours!) skills in SQL, CSS and HTML to format your report site or integrate it into your existing website with all of your own branding. It is built upon the concept that your data should be gathered using SQL, your report look and feel should be consistent across reports, and your reporting tools shouldn't slow you down.


No matter what your report looks like, it is only as good as the data behind it. That is why every report starts with analyzing your data, and coming up with the right SQL Query to collect what you want to report on. Every database system has features which help optimize the queries so that they run faster, and more efficiently, so we don't try to re-invent the wheel - we use those database features to their full extent.

Structured Query Language

Report Packages

What sort of reporting solution would be complete without the reports? We are always working with our clients, and looking for reporting standards such as the measures provided by the Dental Quality Alliance to build a library of reports that can be shared between clients with similar needs. We are currently building our first package for axiUm, and eyeing Banner soon after. Need reports for another system? We'd be happy to work with you in creating the reports that work for you, and you'll get a discount on any report that can be included in a package we can share with other clients!

This image shows different scrolls with software names, axiUm, Banner and Other Really Cool Software.

Report Hubs

Often there are multiple reports which share all, or many, parameters. With ReportScribe we bundle these into Report Hubs which allow you to launch multiple reports from the same parameter list, and even toggle easily between those reports without having to re-enter the parameters. Saving you time before you even launch the report itself!

Report Workflow

Centralized & Tiered Formatting

With most reporting tools you spend a lot of time on Look and Feel, even if you have report style standards across your organization or department. With ReportScribe, you set site-wide styles which apply to every report at once, but can be overwritten when needed at various tiers so that you still maintain total control over the look and feel without having to start from scratch each time. The tiers are: Entire Site -> Report Hub -> Report -> Chart/Table.

Formatting Teirs

Rapid Report Development

Since the SQL is done by us, or your data experts, and the formatting is centralized across your site, the steps in developing a new report are as simple as choosing a report hub, and setting a few parameters in an aspx file. You can edit the aspx files directly, or use our CodeScribe tool to make it for you. Using either method, you can fully integrate your ReportScribe reports into a new or existing website with all of your organization's branding. Again, you maintain full control while getting the work done in the shortest time possible!


Amazing Reports and Options

In addition to highly customizable HTML Tables, ReportScribe uses the powers of FusionCharts and Javascript to provide a plethora of report and chart options, including 90+ chart types, multiple levels of drill-down, and providing your end users and easy way to toggle between compatible chart types allowing them to look at the data from different angles without additional page loads or SQL queries!

Chart Loading...

Easy to Use Security Features

We get it, that shiny new report you made shouldn't be seen by just anyone. Maybe it's protected FERPA or HIPAA data and should be restricted to certain eyes only. That's easy to do with ReportScribe, as we provide integration with Active Directory, assistance in importing roles and levels from an existing system you are using, as well as allowing you to grant or deny access to reports by Level, Role or User. Even different reports in the same Report Hub can be accessible to different users! Also, if you would rather use your own security layer instead of the one that comes with ReportScribe, you can take full control over the aspx files and do that as well. *Note that we cannot guarantee or support any security features other than those we provide.

Sites, Hubs, Reports can be view/edit/deny for any level role or user

No User Limits or Restrictions

With ReportScribe, you can scale up easily and with no additional fees. We charge only for our products, packages, and services. You decide if you only want 5 developers and 10 users, or 1 developer and 5,000 users. There are no software enforced user limits included in ReportScribe.

Lots of People