Report Scribe
Will the axiUm Reports be provided free of charge?Yes and No. It takes time to build and maintain reports, even with a rapid development tool like Report Scribe, so we simply can't afford to provide reports for completly free. The way it works is: as long as you pay for yearly maintenance fees on the axiUm Report Package, you get access to the latest version of any axiUm based reports in that package. If you need a report which is not already created, then you can pay us to develop that report for you for an upfront fee (based on the report specification). Once that report is created, you have the option to allow us to put the report in the axiUm Report Package. In that way, we hope that new axiUm Reports will continually become freely available over time to those paying those axiUm Report Package maintenance fees.
Can we make our own reports with Report Scribe?Yes. Report Scribe is designed as a report creation platform, and you are welcome to make your own reports with or without our assistance. We will provide online documentation to guide you through the process.
Can we report on other databases besides axiUm?Yes. Report Scribe is not dependant upon axiUm in any way, you will be able to connect it to any MySQL, Oracle or Microsoft SQL database to make reports and dashboards quickly and easily - with more database engine support coming in future versions.
Is Report Scribe hard to learn?This will depend upon your existing knowledge. A lot of reporting tools these days try to avoid making the report writer know SQL, hiding the SQL generated by the tool behind layers of user interfaces. The resulting SQL being used is often hard to trace, let alone optimize for performance. There are Millions of people around the world who know and use SQL, and there are database engine specific optimizations which change with each new version which are not always fully utilized as we try to seperate the user from having to know the SQL. Our guiding philosophy is different, we think that the best reports are going to come from users who know the data they are developing reports on, and many of those know SQL. The same goes for web technologies such as Javascript, HTML and CSS. If you already know those things, then using Code Scribe and Report Scribe is as easy as using a quick report creating wizard tool, as we are trying to keep required propritary knowledge to a minimum. This will allow your report writers to fully utilize those skills which they already have, or can learn easily from a variety of sources.
What are the system requirements?A windows web server, a Microsoft SQL database, a windows desktop for Code Scribe (only if you choose to make your own reports), end-users will need a web browser on any device, mobile or desktop. Report Scribe should be able to run on even the most minimal modern hardware, though with as with any server-client framework these days you may need to scale up as your user base increases. Visualizations are primarily run client-side, so the server load will be fairly minimal.
What about security, is Report Scribe HIPPA/FERPA compliant?We do our best to make sure that the Report Scribe site and report engines are as secure as possible, and we welcome any penetration tests you wish to throw at it and will work with you on rapid remediation should anything be found. However, it is a reporting platform and "sandbox" therefore full compliance would depend upon what data is displayed on which reports and with whom you share access. Our recommendation is to keep Report Scribe as a local access/VPN only website for the extra security layer, and that you monitor the reports to ensure that only users who need to see the information can see it.
What is the cost difference between 10 Users and 100 Users?There are no User Limits or restrictions enforced by our products, so you pay us the same either way. As you get more users, however, you may want to invest more in your server hardware to ensure it can keep up with the load (the same as any other servers).
You can't be serious, how would you stay in business and keep up with the support calls?We may change our policies at some point to different support teirs, so that if one client is taking up a great deal of support hours we may put support hour caps on each teir and require another teir or charge hourly past the cap. If we make such a change, it would be entirely based upon how much of our time it takes to support those clients who need the extra support, and not tied to the number of users they have using Report Scribe. We will also continue to offer our online knowledge base so that you can self-help at no extra charge.
Code Scribe
Do we have to purchase Code Scribe seperately?Code Scribe will come bundled with Report Scribe for no extra charge, but it will also be made available as a stand-alone product for those who do not purchase Report Scribe. The Stand-alone version will still be able to connect to any database to quickly develop scripts and programs based on tables and views, however it will be missing the Chart and Report Table options.
Will Code Scribe work on macOS?Code Scribe version 2 will be a windows-only product, but after the inital release we will be working on creating native Code Scribe apps on a variety of operating systems including macOS.