We at Scribe Designs are here to work with you on building the best possible web based solution for your business. To meet that goal, we work with a variety of tools, some of which we make ourselves!

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language - The basics for any web page.

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets - The basics for making any web page look good.

Javascript - Javascript - Client-side programs that run as a part of the web page, making it interactive within the browser. Modern implementations, like the jQuery library can even make server calls allowing you to refresh just a portion of a web page with information from a server based source.

PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor - A server side scripting language primarily used for web development, typically compiled at run-time. We provide you with the source code for all of our PHP solutions, which can run on a variety of platforms.

ASP.NET - Microsoft Active Server Pages - A diverse program development framework primarily designed for web development. It can be per-compiled or compiled at run-time. Our ReportScribe solution is pre-compiled, but you will be provided with the source code for any solution we develop specifically for you.

MSSQL - Microsoft SQL Server - A relational database management system that runs on Windows Servers. It is one of many database we have experience with, and is currently required supported by ReportScribe.

Oracle Database - A multi-model database system that can be run on a variety of operating systems. It is one of many database we have experience with, and can be utilized as a data source within ReportScribe.

MySQL - One of the more popular open source relational database management systems wuch run on a variety of operating systems. It can be utilized as a data source within ReportScribe, and will be an alternative to MSSQL as ReportScribe's core database.

ReportScribe - A new kind of Report Creation Tool which leverages existing technologies and skill sets to provide Rapid Report Development, without having to learn a lot of new terminologies or program structures. ReportScribe combines the powers of flexibility from ASP.NET, the great Chart Generation and drill-down capabilities from FusionCharts, and wraps them in a framework that allows you to also leverage your team's (or ours!) skillSQL, CSS and HTML to format your report site or integrate it into your existing website with all of your own branding. It is built upon the concept that your data should be gathered using SQL, your report look and feel should be consistent across reports, and your reporting tools shouldn't slow you down.

FusionCharts - A Javascript Data Visualization layer that can easily take your data and display it in 90+ types of charts, or 1,000+ types of maps. ReportScribe acts as the bridge between your database, and FusionCharts, putting everything together in one easy to use package.

CodeScribe - A code generation tool, which connects to a database, loads up a template, and uses data type driven code-snippets to piece together completed (or nearly completed) programs, text files, and ReportScribe Reports with a minimum number of clicks and edits. It is not required to use ReportScribe, but it can be a valuable tool-set in your Rapid Report Development workflow, or on its own to assist making data-driven programs and script development faster as well!

Scribe Designs Web Tools - Our PHP based site management tool-set, which allow you to customize any basic websites we design for you, including editing existing content, uploading new files, deleting files, and even CodeSnippits like we used in CodeScribe!