Scribe Designs has been providing custom web and database solutions since 1999. We guarantee high quality work with good communication with our clients on project specifications, maintaining high ethical standards, meeting project deadlines and providing extended bug fix support at no additional charge. At Scribe Designs, the focus is always in providing high quality work that is easily maintainable by the clients themselves.

Solutions previously provided by Scribe Designs include:
  • Diagnostic Codeset Management
  • HL7 Interfaces
  • Legal Document Management Solutions for Class Action Lawsuits
  • Web Interface & Database of Surveys for Class Action Lawsuits
  • Job Application Acceptance and Review Tools
  • Web Presence for Medical Billing Software
  • Website Content Management System
  • Content Version Control System
  • Code Generation Software
  • 15 years of Free Website Hosting & Email Support for Non-Profit Agencies