The world of Dreams
created by The Master Storyweaver, Sparrow Hawk, Jester of Archflambeoth

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Archflambeoth (ark-flam-be-oath)
A world filled with wonders, adventures, legends, and a place most mere mortals only get to see... in their dreams.

Citalatal (sy-tal-a-tal)
This is the central city, and home to our Queen Clartichia. It is mostly a place of scholars and poets, and is one of the few areas that welcome the thoughts and works of walkers(people who just stop by while they are dreaming).

Volrac (Vol-rak)
A place of chaos and fire. Home to many tricksters and twisted minds.

Lanorou (lay-nor-oo)
The land of glee, and home to the only Bazaar in Archflambeoth. Lanorou always has a fair of some kind going on, full of games and adventures for the light at heart

Slat (slate)
Thinker's realm. Home to many Gnomes and inventors, even a few webmasters or two. Vast knowlege lies within, though it is rarely shared with others.

Caverns of Targoth (tar-gath)
Deep below the mountians of Volrac lies the lair of creation, home to the Hug-Loving Freaks. Without them Archflambeoth would cease to exist.

Mystic Circle
The beginning, and the end, of everything. Every path leads to or from the Mystic Circle.